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I think Bob hasn’t been doing the whole 5th year thing because it would cause a backup in the recruiting pipeline. Since we only have 3 forwards lined up for fall 2023, I wonder if Bob tosses a guy like Nelson a fifth year. Undrafted so he wouldn’t have an NHL team breathing down his back, and would be physically imposing as a 5th year (already is). Good for both parties. Obviously a year away but I wonder if we see Bob and co. start to use that option more down the road.

I also don’t know how much pro hockey is in Nelson’s future. This is just a rumor I’ve heard from a couple of people involved in hockey down in SW Minnesota but apparently when he’s done at the U he might give the pros a shot (probably the minors) but would eventually like to go back down and farm.

I keep thinking there is more to Nelson’s game that hasn’t come out yet. He’s physical and has some skill, but  he hasn’t put it all together. I get a little irritated watching him shadow opponents when they have the puck. He’s not nearly disruptive enough for me, and, with his size and strength, he could be.

He has the pro physique, but he’s a long way from signing an NHL contract.