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@ 80/1 Rich Strike wasn’t even one of the 20 horses in the Kentucky Derby yesterday. A horse scratched and he got in. These are the races that drive me nuts and I laugh at, at Canterbury. A horse opens up at 30/1 and by time they get to the gate the horse is at 20/1 cause the young crowd love to bet on the long shots to get rich quick… lol!!!

Canterbury races are usually only 6 horses and one of the top two favorites win every race. Favorites go off at even money or 1-3 so people start throwing money at the other 4 horses to find value. I hate betting at Canterbury.

I like going to Canterbury, but don’t put a ton of money on the races for this exact reason. It feels like a lot of favorites win and that’s not very profitable. It has gotten better in recent years with the influx of money from Mystic Lake. It’s still a low level of horse racing with not a ton of competition.