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I’ve had two incidents. One was 2002, Bills at Vikings, 45-39 OT win for the Bills, Doug Brien missed 2 XPs and was cut by day’s end. Cops came running up to where I was sitting, asking about issues. My brother and I (obv Bills Mafia) said, no issue, these guys (Vikings fans) have been awesome. I look one section over, “You might wanna check there.” (Vikes fans were pelting Bills fans with beers, that was the designated visiting fan section). But that was an uneasy feeling seeing half a dozen cops approach you…

The other, an F5, I was wearing Gopher gear, and they were not in the tourney. Some UND fan (go figure) was saying the usual stuff, like “Why are you here, your team isn’t even in it!” etc. After a few minutes, I turned around and said, “Don’t you have a double-wide to sandbag? I mean, it IS the season.”
He was quiet after that.


Edit: the Bills game was also the day that Benchwarmer Bob spotted my brother and me in the tailgate lot, and had a beer with us. That dude is HOF. Such a great guy.

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