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Anyone have a story to share from seeing a game in the opponent’s stadium where you were messed with enough to get upset? I’m curious.

A couple years ago WPoS, Viking and I were on one of Gopher Hockey road trips at Mich. State.  It was the Friday night game and we were in the last row in the section we were in.  We were standing and not blocking anyone’s view.  This guy and wife in the same row, but at the other end told us to sit down.  I told him we are not blocking his view or anyone else’s view.  A little bit later, all I feel is the back of my collar being grabbed and was pulled down to my seat with him yelling “I told you to sit down”.  I popped right back up and grabbed the guy and was tussling with him.  Viking was trying to pry my off the guy and I grabbed the guys glasses, tossed them and was ready to pop the guy.  They guy’s wife had her hand and fingernails imbedded in hand (which I still have the scar from one of her finger nails) telling to me leave her husband alone. Right before I was going to hit the guy all of the sudden a MSU cop grabbed me and told me to come with him.  I thought I was going to jail.  He asked what happened and I told him.  He told me all he saw was me rag dolling this guy and in the tussle he claimed I punched him and that’s why he was kicking me out. He wasn’t going to arrest me, but I was kicked out for the night.  I later found out when the cop went back in he got the full story from WPoS, Viking, MSU fans and some ROTC guys who saw it all.  Everyone claimed the MSU fan attacked the Gopher fan.  So the officer asked Viking to help him find the guy since he fled after the MSU cop hauled me out.  They did find he and he was kicked out as well.  A couple weeks later I was talking with Brent Gates’ mom.  She said she heard from Jr. that some of his friends who were students at MSU where at the game and saw it.  And said it was a MSU players dad who attacked me… LoL!!!