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Hit up Ansari’s today, met up with a guy for a beer sale. They had Junkyard’s Nilla Beast (Imperial Stout) on tap. Holy hannah was that delicious. A decent price, too: 10 oz at $7/pour. They also had Toppling Goliath 2021 Assassin on tap, 4oz for $15 (which is smack dab in the middle of retail/secondary pricing; I have a bottle of that, so I passed), and Forager 2021 Nillerzzzz, 8oz for $14 (IIRC, just checked the menu, and apparently it’s tapped out since I was there today, lol).

nillerzzz was gone by the time we got there. I nearly got the Nilla Beast but opted for something easier drinking since we’d been out all afternoon in the sun


The Nillerzzzz was a narrow window, then, I left at about 3ish. I guess that follows the pattern of the big beers there. Blink, and it could disappear.