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I don’t know if anyone saw the overhead Derby footage and Rich Strike coming from practically the back of the group. It was honestly unbelievable the speed that suddenly kicked in and the jockeys masterful direction of the horse. That horse shifted into fourth gear. I was also laughing at what a little shit the horse was after the race, biting the Churchill horse leading it to the winners circle. It was being very difficult and aggressive. Then at one point it’s groomer showed up and it settled down. The groomer was petting his neck and you could read his lips saying “good…good”.


Big Derby/Triple Crown Race fan here. Those other two horses were so worried about each other, they didn’t notice Rich Strike making a move. As far as the post-race, I mentioned on Twitter that Rich Strike was acting like a frat boy who just took 5 shots of Jager and was looking to bed with a woman.

That was an amazing race. I was at Pub 819 with some friends, and the whole bar was into it, cheering and such.