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    Assuming Bob knew the Lucius bros and Broz weren’t going to be here next year then yeah that seems most likely, though idk why Perbix thinks he’s gonna get some huge bump in terms of opportunities elsewhere.

    I’m not surprised that Perbix thinks he could see more opportunities and find more success elsewhere. There have been plenty of Gophers who have transferred out and seen pretty significant increases in playing time and production. For example, Clayton Phillips, Nate Burke, and Garret Wait all come to mind immediately. I really dont understand this phenomenon but it seems real.

    As I recall, Perbix initially committed to Notre Dame, then down the road flipped to the Gophers (and is an NHL draft pick). Guys like that, even if they’re in the lineup every game aren’t going to be content playing 4th line their entire career, so I’m not surprised he left. Many observers I know feel the Gophers rarely recruit a Tom Serratore/Jake Parenteau type player who understands (coming in) that their role will be as a 4 year – fourth liner or 3rd D pair player. And not targeting a few of of these type of players for these specific roles…ends up causing problems…

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