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I don’t think it is that hard to understand, maybe they thrive is a different system or maybe they were buried behind more talented players or maybe they just are late bloomers.  Happens in other sports too and I guarantee it isn’t just a phenomenon here.

The problem is, when you are getting top end players every year and you are getting young players every year it can be difficult for those players to develop.  Look at say Kentucky Basketball.  They bring in like 5 draftable players every class…and if a player falls behind a little bit they don’t have the time to catch up because the next class is coming and they are just as loaded.  Player gets buried, goes elsewhere and finally has a chance to show how good he really is.

In the modern college atmosphere I just don’t think you are going to see many 4 year guys for teams like the Gophs unless they recruit older players and even then ice time will become an issue.  I think the next adjustment that will happen is that our lower line guys will be transfer portal guys.  I just don’t see players willing to take on those roles when there is a free transfer to better ice time elsewhere.  Maybe a legacy player or someone who knows they have no shot and just want to play for the team they love, but even then I am not sure they will do that if they can go somewhere else and play and still contend.  And honestly I can’t say I blame them.