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I started working from home before the pandemic started, after my company closed the last MN based site.  One of the good things that came of the pandemic is the dramatic increase in the quality of video conferencing software.

A week ago my company hosted a relatively large on-site meeting from one of our manufacturing site.  Maybe 20-30 people in a conference room with another 20 or so people (like me) attending online from various locations around the world.  The absolute worst part of the meeting was the microphone/speaker system in the conference room.  Those of us online could not hear the majority of the people speaking in the conference room.  Had we just all meet via our video conferencing system, it would have been so much better.

I do miss my coworkers, having in person meetings and happy hours, but for a very busy mid-40s father of 2 teenagers, it does not make up for the benefits of working from home.

Now if I were in my 20s and single and enjoying the social scene I once loved, it would be completely different.