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    I assume Perbix knows the NHL is not in his future. I’d think it was just about getting top nine minutes somewhere and the potential (not guarantee) of PP time. WMU was super old this year. Guessing they lost a ton of forwards.

    Assuming Bob knew the Lucius bros and Broz weren’t going to be here next year then yeah that seems most likely, though idk why Perbix thinks he’s gonna get some huge bump in terms of opportunities elsewhere.

    The other possibility is that Motzko was blindsided by all of the departures and told Perbix that he might be more of an extra next year, which would’ve burned the bridge. Seems kinda unlikely that the coaches wouldn’t know about them leaving but most of us don’t really know why they left and are just left to speculate.

    Either way it doesn’t really matter that much and I didn’t assume Perbix was coming back anyhow.


    Edit: kinda forgot that Perbix was drafted lol. This why I don’t put a whole lot of stock in kids being drafted beyond the second round, there are some gems in the later rounds but more often than not these aren’t gonna be NHLers

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