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    Update from corporate that the results of the “work from home/return to office survey” show that the majority of employees prefer to work from home, so they’re shutting down another of the floors in the building we’re in to save expenses. Which means they’re not going to try to force us to start coming back in again any time soon.

    I started working from home full time about three months ago. It is so much nicer to have an easier, less stressful morning. I used to have a 30 minute commute so I am saving an hour a day… no fighting traffic, far less morning stress, less wear and tear on my car, less gas used, etc.

    Unless I am in dire straits, I don’t think I will ever again work for a company that requires any more than a couple of days a week in the office (if that). I didn’t always realize how much I had to do to just get to work every day until I didn’t have to do it any more.

    Any management that wants employees back in the office full time (in jobs where it truly isn’t necessary) is ridiculous in my book.

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