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Update from corporate that the results of the “work from home/return to office survey” show that the majority of employees prefer to work from home, so they’re shutting down another of the floors in the building we’re in to save expenses. Which means they’re not going to try to force us to start coming back in again any time soon.


That has become the norm here, too.  One person on my team of roughly 15 has any intention of working in the office and that’s probably just a couple days a week.

Heck, I’ve had one person on my team relocate (from LA to TN) since ‘work your way’ was implemented and several others in our larger organization have also relocated.  Would not be surprised if more take advantage.  Such a great program.   Mrs. GE and I plan to build a home n the next few where YE’s cabin is currently located and while it’s not a long drive into work from there having this flexibility has certainly moved up our timeline.