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Answers to Wednesday, May 4, 2022

1. In 1956, Grace Kelly gave up her Hollywood career to become the princess of what country?


2. In 1953, Mr. Potato Head met Mrs. Potato Head. Later that same year, they welcomed two children to the family: a daughter named Yam, and a son named… what?


3. The Latin phrase “primum non nocere” doesn’t actually appear in the Hippocratic Oath. What does it mean in English?

“First (or ‘above all’) do no harm”

4. Lisa Simpson became vegetarian in a seventh-season episode of “The Simpsons.” What other famous vegetarian guest-starred on that episode, and joined in a performance of his song “Maybe I’m Amazed”?

Paul McCartney

5. Maryland’s Camp Hi-Catoctin was renamed “Shangri-La” by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1942. Dwight Eisenhower renamed it again in 1953 when he became president. What did he call it?

Camp David (he named it after his grandson)