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I am hoping for the day that the streamers get control. I want to be able to watch a game and pick what I want to see and watch. If I do not want to hear the announcers. I can turn that off and just get the sounds of the game. If I want to watch a specific camera, I can chose that camera. I think this could be the future. Right now… I enjoy when sports are broadcast in surround sound. I can turn off my center channel and just listen to the sounds of the game. It’s nice.

Somebody needs to figure out an interface that handles all your streaming services with one, nice remote control, one schedule, and search across all platforms. That’s part of why I’m sticking with Comcast for now. I like that all the apps are right there with my broadcast TV. But even then it’s a pain to switch from service to service (although mostly it’s just switching to . It would just be nice to have everything consolidated for ease of use and searching. My garage TV doesn’t have a cable box and I just use the Roku to use the Comcast app and other apps, but it’s such a pain. Wouldn’t want that through the whole house, but it’s fine for my garage that I only use a couple times a month.

my Logitech remote handles every device in my house except my AppleTv.  I wish they didn’t stop making them because I’m a year or two away from multiple remotes unless I replace my DLP that doesn’t seem to wantto die.

i have two little kids so I don’t watch a lot of TVand by the time they go to bed I’m not up that much longer.  If Ballys can be sustainable at $20 a month then more power to them but I suspect it will be a tough road