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    Well, I know people want to point to playing in warm weather on a campus full of hot chicks as things that will attract good players, but if that really was a big factor.

    Aside from another BIG school (that currently doesn’t have a D1 hockey program) starting one, I think Arizona State would make a good 8th (affiliate) team in the conference. Give it some time…eventually the perk of playing D1 hockey in the desert will pay off (at) Arizona State U and they will field a very competitive team. ☝️

    We’ll have to see.  As I said in that part of the sentence you chopped off in the quote, I’m still convinced it should have happened already with all the things Powers has on top of playing in the desert.  I’ll agree that they probably won’t be UAH 2.0 or, more locally, NAU 2.0 because ASU has Pac-12 resources, but at the same time, ASU has Pac-12 resources.

    If ASU really is sitting on a golden goose, the only real handicap I can see that might explain their slower rise compared to that of PSU (who didn’t have the desert, portal, Pac-12, etc) is that Powers doesn’t have Guy Gadowsky’s resume, but I keep being told that’s unimportant for reasons still unknown to me.