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    Conferences will have their ebbs and flows. Frankly, this conversation is ridiculous because it is never going to stay in favor of any one entity all the time. If you have been around college hockey long enough, you know how things change. The problem with the B1G has been it needs to have a few more programs find more year to year quality consistency. Outside of the Gophers and Michigan (well… Mel?), this has largely not happened. UW has got to get its shit together. That program has been far and away the biggest disappointment in the B1G since the conference started. I don’t think anybody would have sanely predicted when all of the conference changes went down that UW would be as sucky as it has been. They were expected to be one of the torch carriers for the conference and they have done a shit job. They have let down the conference more than anybody. Heck, a few people on here were about to anoint them dynasty status the minute they hired their current staff and we have seen how that has turned out. Yes, Gopher fans hate UW but it is ridiculous for that school to have such shitty results. They need an enema over there. Notre Dame and Ohio State have had their moments. Good schools, good facilities, and the capability of landing talent. Not sure Jackson is the long term solution at Notre Dame though (my feeling). I think some new blood with some fire in the belly would be better. Penn State has done fine considering it was starting from scratch but it will need to find some consistency to get to that next rung. We’ll see if a change in leadership helps MSU.

    Agree on Wisconsin, they’ve been an overall BUST since realignment. This conversation started today discussion an 8th (affiliate) BIG school…then went off the rails. Absent an existing school joining the party, I maintain that Arizona State makes the most sense.