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Trying to use results of 4 years ago to predict future performance isn’t helpful.  Even using the COVID year is problematic.


Sure, if we look at post realignment the NCHC has the edge– we all know that. But if we look since 1960? 1970? That is what the B1G was built on itself– long term performance of these teams.

Intra-conference over the past three years– NCHC vs B1G H2H is 1 game in favor of the B1G.  So the trend is that the B1G is on the rise while the NCHC is either stable or having their bottom drop out.  They cannot keep pace with their top end, which isn’t surprising given the NCHC institutions and their limited resources compared to B1G schools.

Take UMD out of the NCHC (which was the original discussion point) and the NCHC looks even more different.

The parity in the B1G is becoming far tighter, and while the parity in the NCHC was originally quite impressive, you are seeing two schools separate themselves.  With CC getting a new facility maybe that changes, but MSU has a new coach too, and Bucky is one year removed from a top 10 team and had a ton of early departures– and that is your B1G bottom end.