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NCHC is better and a tougher grind. Period. Miami and CC get pounded because the other six are so much better. They are probably kept in the conference because it benefits the others to have doormats. Miami/CC and uw/MSU are a wash. Omaha would beat PSU/OSU in a series. Beyond that you have five teams that made the tournament from the NCHC and three from the Big Ten. Look at titles, title appearances, and Frozen Fours since the realignment. NCHC domination. People just don’t like to admit the hockey is better cuz the Gophers are not part of it.

Except the numbers don’t bear that out over the last three years, particularly at the bottom end.  Miami and CC are struggling even in non-conf games, which is why the strong PWR of the top end can’t bail them out.


(By the way, alleging that NCHC teams would beat B1G in a series and using a single-game tournament results as your proof, all to attempt to refute the numbers that do provide some objectivity into the equation, is a logical fallacy)

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