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Not to belabor the point, but the bottom PWR this past year year for NCHC teams were CC and Miami at 45 and 46 respectively, with Bucky and Michigan State 36/37.  Penn State and Omaha were 25 and 23 (virtual wash). and the rest of both conferences were all in the top 15.  Keep in mind that UMD is one of those.


Year before that, UND was the only NCHC school in the top 10 for PWR, and MN and WI represented the B1G there at 4 and 8.


COVID year, both conferences had 3 teams in top 14.  Lowest team from both conferences was Miami at 44 and CC was at 40, worst B1G school was 32 (Bucky).


So yeah, the top grouping is approximately the same (if anything, maybe one standout NCHC school a little higher than the B1G), and the B1G bottom is probably better than the NCHC bottom.  Take UMD from the NCHC equation and substitute it into the B1G for my point, and it would be a tougher grind for the Dogs based on recent history.


Maybe exponential is a stretch, but a regular season with 8 more games against stronger opponents would be tougher in the B1G.  And championships of single-game elimination tournaments is not necessarily indicative of strength of conference schedule.