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Lars SauveLars Sauve

    Yeah, I think DirectTV Stream is the only one that has it now.

    I’ve basically given up watching sports and found that I don’t really miss it. When everything came back after the pandemic shutdowns, I realized that I hadn’t even cared they were gone. The exception is Gopher hockey, but I enjoy listening on radio and then catching an occasional game away from home (or on Peacock, the one game on antenna TV last year, etc.). I have enjoyed catching some baseball games on Apple TV+ recently. I mostly rotate through a few streaming services depending on what I want to watch, no cable or streaming bundle, and found that’s all I need at this point. I realize that that might not be workable for most people on a sports-focused message board though!

    And I agree with Scooby, most of these aren’t going to work out. Most content doesn’t have the demand to stand alone, without being part of a bundle where everyone has to pay for it regardless of whether they watch it. Apple and Amazon can lose money on their services and not really even notice, but most of these can’t.