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    The detriment is an expectation of a share of B1G revenue

    Do we know what share Notre Dame gets? This is not related to the rest of the discussion but curious. I imagine it’s very, very little.

    I think one of the agreements was to allow ND to keep its existing media deal with NBC Sports. That is worth a ton to the Golden Domers. At the same time, ND was in a bit of an issue because it logistically could not stay in Hockey East and the NCHC and WCHA provided no benefit to them for that media deal. So the B1G had a pretty good leverage over them. ND also has donors that could write a check for anything it wants to do, so their need for a share isn’t as important as maintaining some independence. UMD does not need to leave the NCHC, has minimal media revenue, and its road would get exponentially tougher in the B1G, as well as an increase in their costs to keep up with B1G facilities and recruiting. It better get a share of something or it cannot afford to jump.

    UMD would jump for only one reason…💰💰💰. As far as “it’s road (competitively speaking) wound get exponentially tougher in the BIG”?, I’m not sure what you’re talking about lol…as they currently play in the most competitive conference, by the numbers it isn’t even close…especially based on who’s won the Natty the past decade + 2 years.

    And as far as UMD having no natural advantages going forward in the future…the fact is they had significantly less natural advantages Fall of 2010.

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