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    What is the value of the Gopher contract with BSN extrapolated over the term of the years? Then add the same for Michigan, MSU and Bucky? That is the way to figure that out. Of course hockey isn’t driving the bus, but if you think they will leave money on the table so Gopher fans get a convenient road trip, you are kidding yourself. What additional value will UND/UMD/DU/SCSU/MSUM provide to that 1B? Any chance to build leverage for additional monies is a good one. Cooperation with the PAC-12 is huge for media purposes. This is not a secret and is a major reason why the BCS amendment to increase number of schools in the football playoff wasn’t passed. Do you really think a NCHC school will use bringing ASU aboard the B1G as a negative in a recruiting battle?

    I am not advising against ASU… Let’s call that a given for now. I’m asking what detriment does UMD bring to the equation? Do you really think if you asked the average college football or basketball fan they could tell you Notre Dame plays Big Ten hockey? No, and it would be the same for UMD. It would not hurt the brand.

    As a UMD alum, sure UMD would love being dealt into the 💰 associated with being a BIG affiliate member, that’s a no brainer. But regarding schools fitting into the BIG (as an affiliate) Arizona State simply fits better, based on size, campus, academics and other sports. Again, from a long term perspective, ASU is a diamond in the rough with huge upside down the road. ☝️

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