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Keep in mind the B1G is set to sign a 1B media package deal in the next month or so.  That is how the B1G looks at this: which programs will provide the best value from a media package approach.  It isn’t necessarily about creating the best games, but about controlling the media market.

Outside the B1G, the best media value is clearly from Boston College and maybe Boston U, both being in a major market and having a ton of alumni who are invested in those programs.  It clearly was on their backs that ESPN picked up a huge Hockey East media deal which will provide major visibility hitting the entire country but focused on New England.  They’re not likely to jump ship from Hockey East for logistical reasons.

If you propose UND, UMD or DU in that conversation, you have to remember that the best rights deal they could get with the NCHC was through a partial deal with CBS College Sports and a local deal through Midco.  That reflects how the demand for those hockey schools is actually perceived in the media world.

ASU is a school in a major market with tons of invested alumni locally, also where lots of B1G alumni winter, and plays in a similar institutional conference sandbox (the PAC-12).  Cooperating with the PAC-12 would give the B1G access to the LA/SF/Denver/Seattle/Portland/SLC markets as well.  They are poised to be a solid hockey program with a new rink that will also host a NHL squad for a while.  It is basically another Penn State, and you can’t tell me that even the old WCHA or CCHA would have turned down Penn State if they wanted to join.

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