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    So would it be correct to say that the upcoming season holds tremendous promise, the likes of which we haven’t seen in some time? Plenty of depth at Forward and D where the battles for starting roles will be intense. In goal both Paul and Vetter gained valuable experience last season, and it will be interesting to see who gets the nod to start when Wisconsin and Ohio State come up on the calendar. No doubt the ladies are training extra hard this off-season to take full advantage of a very talented – and deep – roster. GO GOPHERS!

    I would say this is correct. My qualifiers- 1: I believe we will need significant year over year improvement by some of our defensemen…and as Gopherguy says.. 2: we will need a little good fortune with the goaltending. At this point I am more concerned with #1 than #2.

    I’m still concerned the most about #2. They have both proven they can beat the have nots, but can they consistently beat the haves in UMD, WI, OSU? Bench started nearly all the games against those teams.

    I think adding the Finn D will be a significant boost.

    Totally reasonable.

    I was disappointed in Frost’s decision to ride Bench down the stretch. While I don’t consider the decision egregious.. ie she did play well against Wisconsin in December..which I consider her Gopher peak.. I thought Bench had shown she wasn’t the one to rely on for a post-season run and would not bail the team out of mistakes. Which turned out to be the case with the soft 1st goal against the Bulldogs after a fairly weak sequence by our first line.

    Pahl and Vetter hadn’t had the opportunities Bench had so I still figure one of them is bound to be good…lol Yes, pretty speculative stuff but I am still hoping!