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    Well, my dislike for ASU and their coach stems from Jacob Wilson and other players like that that Greg Powers has brought into their program, but even if that ends now that Wilson’s used his COVID year, I don’t see any real benefit to their joining as an affiliate.  I know people want to point to playing in warm weather on a campus full of hot chicks as things that will attract good players, but if that really was a big factor, shouldn’t Powers’ numbers have already surpassed those of Brush Christiansen’s at UAA 7 seasons in?

    One thing to keep in mind is that Notre Dame joining as an affiliate didn’t come without a HUGE side benefit, a foot in the door to woo their independent football program into the B1G along with the rest of their athletics away from the ACC, so the conference’s decision to look the other way about the AAU thing for them most likely had nothing to do with hockey.  If the conference desperately wanted an 8th team, I could see the folks in Rosemont inviting UMD in on a technicality, but I wouldn’t call the current state of affairs as desperate, so they’re probably going to sit on their hands until either a current B1G member outside of hockey (including Johns Hopkins) decides to start a hockey program or a golden opportunity like Notre Dame was comes along.