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  1. Wasn’t there a rumor summer of 2020 that the B1G was looking to add an existing blue blood program to the conference? I think it was a Gopher Illustrated article that predicted one of Denver, North Dakota, or UMD would be added to the B1G. I know it sounds far fetched and that was only two times I heard that rumor BUT it was the same guy who correctly called Notre Dame joining the B1G.

Awhile back this year I posted some UND fans demands what UND should ask to join the BIG. It was pretty funny. I’m trying to find it and repost.

Finally found it. This was from this past fall during the Gophers/UND series. Some UND fan posted this on a fb NCAA hockey group or Sioux Sports. About as delusional as it gets… LoL!!!

Lou Nanne has been quite vocal about trying to get UND into the B1G. Wisely, everyone not named MN simply rolls their eyes at him. Can’t imagine Ohio State or Penn State wanting to travel to Grand Forks. Ever.

I think we will see ASU listed as an affiliate member for hockey here soon now that Illinois is out.

As long as we have road trips to Tempe in January or February, I am game for that.