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    They committed under Lucia. They committed on 8/31/17 and Motzko wasn’t named the Gopher’s head coach until March 27, 2018.

    8/24/2018 https://www.startribune.com/eden-prairie-s-john-and-luke-mittelstadt-commit-to-gophers/486394041/

    I am going off what Vegoe had tweeted. https://twitter.com/evegoe/status/908426394761383936?s=21&t=gXmCyOa3XWSzbGgQuYHIRg

    You are misreading the conversation being had here. The comment made was that all Lucia era recruits are now out of the pipeline. Then someone said, “The Mittelstadts”, but the two committed under Motzko.

    Got it.  Sorry about that.