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    I have gone to the Spring Game twice…and honestly I probably won’t go again unless there is a compelling reason. I found it rather boring and pointless. Maybe if I had kids but even then I can’t imagine kids are very engaged for very long, its a glorified practice. Bucky going to Oregon backs up what has been rumored that he was shopping for an NIL deal so he can buy his mother a house in a better place to live.


    I hope this wish comes true for his mother and him. As fans we have a tendency to talk about players needing to be loyal to the team/school. Players are one injury away from never playing again or having their skills reduced. First and for most players should be looking to improve their and their family’s situation. College athletics are big business. Schools, coaches, athletic directors, etc. make millions of dollars because of the players abilities. If they want to make a move to improve their or their families situation I say “Hell yes do it”.