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    Thanks guys!!! And my sister and brother-in-law live in Apple Valley less than 2 miles from me. And in their nearly 20 years living in their house their sump pump has never turned on.

    You might want to check where all of your downspouts are discharging to, and also check your gutters for any obstructions. If you are getting a lot of water into your drain tile system, it’s discharging too close to your foundation.

    Not necessarily… The downspouts only discharge water from the roof. Rain (and irrigation) falls on the whole yard. There are also properties with high water tables (like mine), and even underground flow. There are parts of my back yard, if I dig down less than 1 foot, water will fill the hole. I spent a lot of money to install drain tile in the back yard to move underground water away.


    I don’t have the high water table issues you do.  Ordinarily, my sump basket is bone dry.  Even during wet springs and times when we get a lot of rain.  However, I have a lot of big maples and a big ash tree that are relatively close to my house. They have lots of seeds and leaves that end up in my gutters at certain times of the year.  When that happens during a hard storm, the seeds and leaves clog up my gutters.  This causes water to gush over the tops of the gutter, with the water coming down very close to the foundation.  Those are the times when I get a lot of activity with my sump pump.

    I need new gutters with covers because I’m getting tired of cleaning the leaves and seeds out of my gutters.  It’s always something.