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Thanks guys!!! And my sister and brother-in-law live in Apple Valley less than 2 miles from me. And in their nearly 20 years living in their house their sump pump has never turned on.

They likely live over sand, gravel, or cobble which allows water to drain easily. My home in Coon Rapids was build on sand and it didn’t even have a sump pump and the basement was always dry. My current house is on clay so the soil is always wet and the sump is needed. I actually now have a back up sump pump and each pump has 2 floats. And they have an alarm if any of them aren’t working. I don’t want to go through the flooding again.

Agree on the 2nd sump pump.  Our 2nd one runs off the water pressure so if the power goes out, we don’t have to worry. In fact, in the spring on 2019 when we were in Buffalo for the FF, we had a massive ice storm that knocked out power for 4 days while we were gone. worked like a charm.