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Answers to Friday, April 29, 2022

1. Quit While You’re Ahead: There are four main strokes in competitive swimming. Name as many of them as you can for one point each. Zero total if you get any wrong.

Front crawl (or freestyle), butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke

2. What war for the throne of England was waged from 1455 to 1487 between the houses of Lancaster and York?

The War of the Roses

3. What is the palindromic name of the tool that is likely to be the only thing in a carpenter’s toolbox that contains a bubble?


4. The “Star Trek” and “James Bond” universes both contain a character with what single-letter name?


5. Today is April 29. Happy 11th anniversary to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! In what building were they married?

Westminster Abbey