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    My main problem is it seems like they should have received a lot more in return for a #12 overall pick than what they received. Especially when they are dropping back 20 spots. I don’t care about trading back if the return is really good. I don’t like this trade at all but I hope for the best on it.

    Yep, I don’t mind the pick at all, but Kwesi got fleeced.

    He really didn’t.


    When trades are just for picks they have a valuation system for all of them. I usually assume the team that ended up with a 7th rounder thrown in to make the math work is the one who got the short end. That’s why I always assumed Spielman was getting less.


    Teams are just tying to get the best value at every pick based on how they have rated players and move around to get that. Always seemed a little silly to me as I think the only people who care about that are their peers.