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Has anyone else had their sump pump working more in the last couple days. My wife and I closed on our house in Rosemount/Lakeville May 6th of 2021 and moved in officially on the 16th. So, we have been in for almost a year and haven’t heard the sump pump kick on until yesterday. When I’m in the crawl space under the stairs I’ll check the sump pump. Though yesterday I was in the crawl space reorganizing all my junk (lol) and it kicked on and has been running off and on since. I assume the ground is saturated and the sump pump is doing its job. First time dealing with a sump pump so I’m just trying to figure it all out and what to expect.


The fact that it’s running is good.  Shortly after we moved into our house our next door neighbor said our sump runs all the time but I had never heard or seen it flush.  Then one day we had a heavy rain and water seeped up through the floor of our finished basement.  The sump pump had died but was sealed so I couldn’t easily check it.


You are probably fine since the ground recently thawed and we’ve had quite a bit of rain recently.