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    I was texting with two of my roommates from college last night during the Wild game and eventually the Wolves games. I told them you seriously need your head examined if you actually pay to go to a NBA game. And I should almost as well for watching this garbage on tv. I saw the stripes call a foul on the Wolves that you would not call in a junior high game. And the very next play they did not call a foul on the Griz and it would be a penalty in hockey. And this BS goes on all game. If it was consistent across the board it might be more tolerable. The stripes are in over their head and are clueless. And fans allow this BS. And it doesn’t teach anyone the game of basketball. It just teaches the younger generation to emulate this BS.

    Officiating in this series was absolutely horrible to the point that it was laughable. They definitely have some changes to make to the way the game is called.

    TRUE…but officiating had LITTLE to do with why they lost the series. They are simply too inexperienced (at this point) soft when it comes to rebounding & the players simply aren’t “clutch” down the stretch. That sequence (last few minutes) of game 6 where KAT missed a jumper, next possession Ant missed a runner & next possession KAT missed a 3 sealed the loss. All 3 shots were taken subsequent to little or no ball movement to open up a better shot, and while the shots they took were still make able…they missed all three, end of game, end of season. Overall, a successful season though & hopefully the players LEARN from this playoff series loss.