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I went down to the Nillerzzz release at Forager today. Ended up getting there about 6:30am and there were only about 30 people in line. I don’t know if the rain kept people away or if it’s “big beer release fatigue” but the line never even left the Forager parking lot. A few people in line by us commented they’ve never seen it that short. Once the rain stopped around 8:30 there was a lot more beer sharing and socialization going on. Once we got our bottles I ordered a Nillerzzz and one of the other stouts they sold today. Nillerzzz is still one of the best beers made in MN (in my opinion) and the other was excellent.

  1. I can’t order food at Bear Cave, b/c no smart phone.
  2. I skipped Forager, I have another big beer deal in the works, plus didn’t know when I had to get to Forager, etc.
  3. 30? Jesus. I know the Flippers are pretty much gone, but wow. That is an incredibly short line. The big beer prices could be a factor, also.

Yeah, those bottles weren’t cheap so that could be part of it too.  The guys in front of me were buying Lord Humungous while in line then going to the NB Liquor Barrel for their bourbon raffle. That had to be a really expensive day for them.