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I went down to the Nillerzzz release at Forager today. Ended up getting there about 6:30am and there were only about 30 people in line. I don’t know if the rain kept people away or if it’s “big beer release fatigue” but the line never even left the Forager parking lot. A few people in line by us commented they’ve never seen it that short. Once the rain stopped around 8:30 there was a lot more beer sharing and socialization going on. Once we got our bottles I ordered a Nillerzzz and one of the other stouts they sold today. Nillerzzz is still one of the best beers made in MN (in my opinion) and the other was excellent.


  1. I can’t order food at Bear Cave, b/c no smart phone.
  2. I skipped Forager, I have another big beer deal in the works, plus didn’t know when I had to get to Forager, etc.
  3. 30? Jesus. I know the Flippers are pretty much gone, but wow. That is an incredibly short line. The big beer prices could be a factor, also.