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https://beerdabbler.com/bear-cave-brewing-adds-an-upscale-self-pour-brewpub-to-downtown-hopkins/ And they expect tips? LOLOLOLOL. I’m not setting a foot into that place, nor spending a single cent to support this hogwash. From the sounds of it, I can’t even order food (unless I maybe call in an order, and I don’t know if that’s even an option).

I’m not sure where you are seeing in that linked article that you can’t order food.   It looks like a lot of other restaurants around town where you can order via a QR code and have food delivered to your table.   I’ll bet they even have people that will give people with older phones a real menu.

I’ll give them a shot at some point since it’s close by but I’ll wait until they have something other than IPAs on tap.