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So you’re well aware that he has an avenue to recover lost earnings that he is in fact pursuing. The union or his agent could have negotiated contracts that said “you can’t suspend me unless a jury finds me guilty” but they didn’t. He is using the avenues available to him. Your idea that he should be allowed to continue as a major league baseball player until found guilty is both ridiculous and bad for baseball. I imagine you are also upset that OJ Simpson does not hold a prominent position within the NFL. Obviously he was found not guilty and shouldn’t be denied his livelihood.

The players’ union and MLB obviously compromised on both ends to make that agreement. I disagree with that compromise, but I am not part of either organization, so I didn’t have a say. The OJ comment is quite the “jump to conclusions” argument, and either way, he was convicted of a later crime, which therefore would be subject to punishment from any employer he might have had at the time. Ray Lewis was allowed to play, and he was acquitted of murder. Furthermore, Leonard Little pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter, and yet was allowed to play after a 1/2 season suspension. Now, frankly, Bauer is suspended 2 years on an unproven accusation, and Little got a 1/2 season suspension on a conviction? Something doesn’t add up for me. It should be reversed, at the very least. At the most, Bauer should not be suspended any more (I will compromise and say Bauer’s suspension until a criminal verdict was rendered would be valid), and Little should have been basically banned from the league.

What a bizarre take, even for you. So because the NFL botched punishing players years ago, MLB should ignore this? Bauer has no constitutional right to be a major league player. And it isn’t just “accusations”. MLB conducted an investigation and found he broke their rules. I doubt they would hand down a suspension like this if they couldn’t back that up if Bauer sues. Defending this guy is beyond weird to me.


The NFL totally botched it, which was my point in the previous post. I’m not specifically defending Bauer, either. I opposing the practice of suspending/etc a person on the basis of an accusation that has not been resolved. My compromise would be to suspend until resolved (suspended until further notice, that sort of thing), however MLB set a hard timeline on said suspension. And I will note, I don’t even like that compromise, but some things have to be flexible to reach an overall agreement.