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    1. That would certainly be an amazing start to the Lucius/Lucius/Broz for 1/2/3 swap. The staff can’t contact him, though, right? NLI signed.

    Hallum does follow Gopher hockey on Instagram…. I’m shocked it’s taking this long to get a decision on Walker.

    I posted this earlier, source is a well connected Edina guy (chance of Walker returning is SLIM (at best)

    Word is –

    Sammy is going to plan on attending multiple camps this summer on FA tryouts and earn a signing. TB actually passed on signing him (no room on roster even in minors)…was more of a reach pick for Yzerman and Brisebois contingent has ‘moved on’…

    Sammy’s college career is in rear view. But that’s just the word – one phone call on any given day can prove otherwise. 😉

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