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Michigan was #1 in the pairwise and lost in OT of the semis. Clearly their recruiting strategy didn’t work!

That isn’t what we are saying, but feel free to keep tilting at windmills Mr. Strawman.

What we are saying is that for all the bluster about how great Michigan is and how many 1st rounders they have, they ended up exactly where they always do, short of the goal.  Yippie they lost in OT instead of regulation in the semis…congrats you still lost. (ask the ’89 Gophers if losing in OT changes the outcome)

For all of Michigan’s “greatness” they didn’t win the conference or the National Title.  They won the conference tourny so at least they didn’t get completely shut out I guess.  I would honestly rather have our team and our season over theirs.  They have been doing this as long as I have watched hockey (which is not as long as many but still dates back to last century ) they load up on talent, get hyped up by everyone because of their titles from 1865 and their prestige in other sports, then fall short to teams that often have none of the prestige or history. (unless they played us, then we beat them because they are pansies!! )  Where were all of their high recruiting classes then…sitting at home.  In this case though they lost to a team with equal prestige in Denver, but Denver should have been no match for the eleventy billion 1st rounders MEEEEEEEEEEEEEECHIGAN had!1!1!1!1

That is the point.  I wouldn’t change our recruiting philosophy for the most part, and neither would they.  But their high recruiting classes havent been paying dividends so there is no reason for anyone to sweat them.  They aren’t playing for conference tourny titles they are playing for national titles.  Most times their teams shrink under pressure or if you throw your weight around a bit.  Been that way forever and will likely not change in the future.  That is why they haven’t won it all since I was in high school.  Since the advent of the BTHC they have hung exactly 2 banners…