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Need to trade Towns ASAP.

Towns is going to get a lot of flack for this series, more than he probably deserves. He wasn’t great but he wasn’t the reason the team didn’t advance.

DeAngelo Russell was absolutely horrific the entire series. Shot 32% from the field and only averaged 13ppg. His inability to do anything effectively allowed Memphis to trap KAT far more easily than they should have been able to.

That, coupled with Finch insisting on putting him on the court when the offense was in a groove when McLaughlin was on the court instead of DLo, was a killer.

The other big issue: Memphis outrebounded the Wolves almost 2:1 in the series (IIRC it was like 44:23 or 45:23). Ja Morant had more rebounds/game than anyone on the Wolves not named Towns. That’s ridiculous. It seemed like every time the Wolves got a defensive stop when they needed one, Memphis one or two or three offensive rebounds and ended up scoring on the possession.

I was talking to a buddy of mine and we agreed the Wolves were they better team for about 70-75% of the series. But to win in the playoffs you can’t play 75% of the game.

Overall it’s hard to argue that the season was not a big success, despite the sting of losing this series. They are an extremely young team that just got a taste of what postseason basketball is. Hopefully they take this experience and learn from it. From their post-game comments that I’ve heard and read, they’re not going to take this series loss lightly.