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The reason I’m not griping about trading back in round 1 is this: There were only about 9 “for sure” guys in the first round. They were all gone by pick 12 (Okonwu, Neal, Cross, Stingley, Gardner, Thibodeaux, Walker, Hutchinson, and Wilson). Even if you want to count London (I’m not a huge fan) and Olave (seemed like an overdraft, though he is a game-breaker).

After that, the general consensus seemed to be that the next 30ish guys were all similar values. Take Hamilton and Cine, for example. Hamilton had a ton of pre-combine steam to the point people thought he could be a top 3 pick. Then he had some rougher numbers in combine testing. Meanwhile Cine had some insane testing numbers (4.37 40 chief among them). There was at least one writer from The Athletic (the name escapes me now, Dan something) who said he’d have taken Cine over Hamilton.  When Georgia, the nation’s best defense who had 5 first rounders, needed a play, they counted on Cine and Walker to make them.


In a normal year when there are 5-6 first round caliber QBs, #12 overall holds a lot more value. This year’s draft had 1 first-round QB and he went at #20 (and some even think that was a reach, though I think it’s a good pick for the Steelers). In a year where there are 15 first round defensive players and 6 first round WRs, #12 held less value. They traded #12 and #46 for #32, #34, and #66, and then turned #34 into #42 and #59.

In the process they filled three HUGE needs: a starting safety, a starting CB, and a starting RG. Then they got a very good pass coverage LB who can run and tackle in the open field as well as almost anyone in this class.


Time will tell whether letting Detroit get their hands on Jameson Williams (worries me because he’s a stud but he still has Goff throwing) or the Packers get their hands on Christian Watson (worries me less, especially after Rodgers retires, especially considering he’s not exactly polished at this point) comes back to bite them in the ass.

But so far I’ve been very pleased with the way Kwesi has handled the draft.


I’m very intrigued to see what happens tomorrow. There are some quality players left on the board including a QB who would probably have been a lock for first round if he entered the draft in 2021 (Sam Howell). I wouldn’t hate that pick but they’ll probably have to move up from 122 to get him. If not, I’d love to see them get a guy like Kingsley Enagbare (DE) or Justyn Ross (WR). I also would be very OK if they get another CB.