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Yeah how much did that help them last year? First round picks is a worthless stat I’m sorry… Lying about COVID could get them in NCAA trouble too. Even if he is gone it might not stop that. How stupid is he?

I’d say it helped them a lot. They were an OT loss away from playing the NC title game. The other M team with all their draft picks didn’t fare as well. Denver, Minnesota and Michigan were similar teams, but I think Denver had a little more sandpaper to their game, which helped them break through Mankato. Their game against Mankato was a lot like Minnesota’s. Denver had like four shots on goal almost half way through the game. It felt like Mankato had them right where they wanted them, but when they lost the lead their system broke down and Denver had the talent to cash in.


We both lost to teams that had less top end picks.  That is the point.  A high number of draft picks is not as big of a deal in hockey as it is made out to be.  Some of the biggest choking Lucia teams were friggin loaded.  “Less” talented teams beat them all the time that is just the way a one and done tourny goes.