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Must have missed JWG post from yesterday. I think that’s the same problem I’m having. Though I have a iPhone 8.

no… he’s having some sort of strange issue. I have the same phone and it is all fine with my screen.


I *think* I’ve figured it out.  I am old and can’t see well so my iPhone display setting is set to “Zoom”.  For whatever reason, Zoom does not mess up anything on the board as far as formatting and screen justification EXCEPT for this reply box which it must ZOOM bigger but not change the format to fit the screen.  If I turn “zoom” off it’s no longer a problem.

It’s funny because it doesn’t seem to do it anywhere else.


GATOR: Do you do the same thing?  Do you have zoom turned on in display settings?

JUPITER: Maybe try that on your iPhone, under Settings / Display & Brightness scroll down to the bottom and change “View” from Standard to Zoom and I bet you can recreate the issue.