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    I think it’s a stretch to say Cruz was a top 9 forward. He was a guy that ideally we could have sent to juniors for a year. He also missed a lot of time this season and while I believe he is a good player I don’t think he would have been an impact player for us next season.

    It’s not a stretch


    agree to disagree. I like Cruz as a long term prospect but am not convinced he is ready to contribute to an NCAA program next season. I believe his best development would have been Ushl next season. He’s still underdeveloped and is not a great skater. He’s coming off an injury filled season and scouts have said he hasn’t been great since returning. College hockey is as old and gritty as its ever been. Broz and Chaz were top players for next season I’m not ready to call Cruz huge loss. nodak lost spicer for same reason we could lose cruz. It will be interesting to watch where he gets drafted