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    So back to goldy shuffle’s comments from the other day. He mentioned 3 “bad” things and possibly a 4th bad thing. Bad thing #1 was Broz to portal and #2 was Chaz going pro. I think a lot of people on here assumed bad thing #3 was Cruz not coming (rightfully so), but now with Boynton to the portal, I think that is actually bad thing #3 and Cruz not coming is the possibly bad thing #4.


    Cruz still has the gophers commit thing on his Instagram, and I’m honestly curious if he is still planning on joining. The departure of Chaz went well, at least publicly, with Bob saying nice things as well as Chaz about the program. This is just a thought because a lot of people are assuming Cruz not coming is a done deal, but it may not be the case. 🤷🏻‍♂️