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Aldy wrote:

HockeyBum wrote:

Why is Iowa State wearing black and white uniforms today? I hate it when teams don’t wear their school colors.

My two sons went to ISU and I asked them their opinion of the black uniforms. The oldest didn’t like them as he feels the teams should wear their school colors. The youngest likes them because the players like them and because of their very good winning percentage when wearing the black uniforms. I personally don’t care for the black uniforms.

I hated seeing the Gophers basketball play in black uniforms against the skunks last week. Gopher basketball has great uniforms (at least they do when wearing gold at home). These black and white uniforms are awful.

But as Handyman has said in the past (and I agree) whatever attract recruits is better than my opinion. If the basketball recruits like the white and reddish floor with white, uniforms……I’ll have to deal with my anger.

I draw a line with hockey uniforms however.