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The Rube wrote:

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The Rube wrote:

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Still one of my favorites


Your opinion is wrong. This was the “Death of the North Stars” jersey and can burn in hell.

So I am guessing that my Jon Casey Stars (NOT DALLAS) jersey would not go over well in this crowd. :wink:

(but hey, I bet my Gumper one makes up for it)

Correct and not really. Besides the fact you became a freaking Devils fan. :mrgreen:

After the North Stars left, correct. I was a free agent at that point. Damned if I was going to become a Dallas fan. Although I was at the first Wild regular season home game ever; had to pass the torch.

As was I. My “Norm Still Sucks” sign even appeared as a square in Terrance Fogerty’s painting of that game.

I was at the last North Stars game and the first Wild game.

Fittingly my “Norm Sucks” sign at one of the last North Stars games also made it into Sports Illustrated. I guess it came full circle.