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This article isn’t all that interesting but it’s hockey regional coverage (I’ll save you some time, MN is only mentioned in #1 quoted below):



1. Defense reigned supreme

The common thread among the first three regional finals — Denver-Minnesota Duluth, Minnesota St.-Notre Dame, Minnesota-Western Michigan — was each team looked to be playing a game centered around limiting the opposition.

Denver shut down Minnesota Duluth in its own zone and limited the Bulldogs to 25 shots. Still, neither team budged when it came to taking chances — both focused on shutting things down in their own zone.

The same happened in Minnesota State-Notre Dame and Minnesota-Western Michigan.

A good example of this was once Minnesota went up 2-0 early in the third period, the Gophers focused on clogging the middle of their own zone and preventing Western Michigan from getting any good offensive looks. Even in the dying minutes of the game, the Broncos were unable to get shots from high-danger areas.