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Boston is not cheap, my friend.

Super expensive overall 😕

Maybe they would add a flight if the Gophers make it

Cheapest combo I found was 4 people, leaving Thursday @ 5:30 am and coming back Monday @ 6am. Hotel and airfare I had around $750 a guy. Figure an easy $1,000 with tickets. $1500 weekend with everything else pretty easy.

Yes, whenever the FF is out east, it is very expensive. I will throw out some NON SNARKY SINCERE advice. The best thing my wife and I did almost 20 years ago was make a commitment to go to every Frozen Four. It cuts down the costs of it by at least 50%. It allows us to book hotels and flights way in advance and gives you flexibility on other stuff. There are also other “tricks” you can do to cut the cost down. We save credit card points for this trip every year and our hotel and flights are free. You see the same faces every year and you build friendships with those fans. Most of the cities are interesting and have fun things to do. If you are a fan of college hockey, it is always a fun time. Most FF’s will hopefully include one of the following– your team, a team you despise, or teams that have superstars on them. There has only been a couple of clunker years and cities. So, if you have the means, I would suggest finding a couple of buddies etc to make this a yearly trip and the years that your team make it, it makes the experience that much more fun.

We do the same thing. For us it’s a hockey vacation, added bonus if the Gophers are there. Yes, it’s expensive so not everyone can or even wants to do it, but like frozen4champs said, it’s a blast to see people, explore an area and watch good hockey. We booked our downtown Boston hotel a year ago, price averages $160 a night. I just looked at the same hotel, same room type for the FF weekend…over $370!! So yes it pays to book ahead.